Central Eastern CSU

On September 30 2014, Central Eastern CSU closed, with its services being taken over by a number of different organisations. 

Since the decision was taken in April to close the CSU, we have had two priorities. One was to ensure that neither our patients nor customers should be affected by the changes. Our services have moved to their new homes and we are confident that the detailed planning we have done will mean a smooth transfer was achieved.

Our second priority was to look after our 700 staff.  Most people have secured jobs working in the new service delivery teams. 

On behalf of Central Eastern CSU, we would like to thank NHS England, the CCGs and other NHS bodies that were our customers and partners for their understanding and assistance during this time of change. 

Most of all, thanks are due to our staff, who have managed to set aside their worries about the future to continue to deliver high quality services throughout this period.  Their commitment and professionalism have been outstanding throughout.

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